Using Gorm as an ORM to programmatically update many-to-many relationships in PostgreSQL

In this article I’ll explain briefly how to use Go to create a many-to-many relationship using structs and also how to update the relationships correctly in your database. If you’re reading this article, I assume you’re familiar with Gorm, Go and have a dabble of experience in SQL. If not, Gorm is an ORM that allows you to take a more programmatic approach to interacting with SQL databases in lieu of writing SQL syntax queries within your code.

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Enable users authenticate to Reddit securely via your Python Application with Oauth

In this article I’ll explain how to let users sign in to their Reddit account from your Python based application using a concept of OAuth. You might be building an API or a web-server that uses Reddit data and you want to enhance the experience by allowing Reddit users to authenticate and provide you their permission. There are numerous ways to allow the user to sign in, the most trusting and secure way is to not touch their credentials at all.

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The minimum requirements for this project are:


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